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Wes Borland Net Worth

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Wes Borland Net Worth

Wes Borland is a rock musician and artist. He is best known as the guitarist of the multi-platinum rap rock band Limp Bizkit and as the lead vocalist of the industrial rock band Black Light Burns.

Wes Borland gained popularity when Limp Bizkit achieved mainstream success in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He formed a band called Big Dumb Face with his brother Scott in 1998. Borland left Limp Bizkit in 2001 and started many side projects such as Eat The Day and The Damning Well.

After rejoining Limp Bizkit in 2004, Wes Borland founded Black Light Burns, with whom he has released two studio albums and a covers album. Limp Bizkit went on hiatus following the release of their album The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) (2005). But, they reunited in 2009, and recorded their sixth studio album, Gold Cobra (2011).

Wes Borland is known for his sonic experimentation and elaborate visual appearance, which has included face and body paint, masks and uniforms. He has drawn album covers and created artwork for many of his music projects as well as oil paintings.

How Wes Borland Made His Money – Musician

Estimated Net Worth: $6 Million Dollars

Birthday: February 7, 1975

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