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Russell Brand Net Worth

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Russell Brand Net Worth

Russell Brand is a comedian, actor, radio and television presenter, singer, columnist, and author.

In 2004, Russell Brand achieved mainstream fame in the UK as the host of Big Brother’s Big Mouth, a Big Brother spin-off. In 2007, he had his first major film role in St Trinian’s. He became known in the United States in 2008, after his major role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall; the film led to a starring role in Get Him to the Greek in 2010. Russell Brand also worked as a voice actor for animated films Despicable Me in 2010 and Hop in 2011. He starred in the 2011 remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore film Arthur.

Russell Brand is noted in the British media for his eccentricity and for controversies such as his dismissal from MTV after he dressed as Osama bin Laden, his behaviour as presenter of various award ceremonies and his former drug use. In 2008, he resigned from the BBC following prank calls he made to actor Andrew Sachs on The Russell Brand Show, which led to major changes to the BBC’s policy. Russell Brand’s drug use, alcoholism and promiscuity have influenced his comedic material and public image. He married American pop singer Katy Perry in October 2010; they separated in December 2011 and were divorced the following year.

How Russell Brand Made His Money – Comedy and Entertainment

Estimated Net Worth: $15 Million

Birthday: June 4, 1975

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