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Pacman Jones Net Worth

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Pacman Jones Net Worth

Name is a football cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. He was drafted in the first round with the sixth-overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans. He played college football at West Virginia.

Pacman Jones has also played for the Dallas Cowboys. He was suspended from the NFL for the entire 2007 season and for part of the 2008 season for off-the-field conduct.

His nickname “Pacman” is used much more often than his true first name, Adam, including by broadcasters and official Web sites connected to the NFL. It was even represented by a “P” on the back of his Titans jersey. In Blitz: The League II a player in the game named Packrat James is a direct reference to Jones’s nickname.

Pacman Jones has had the nickname all his life; his mother gave it to him when he was a young child, saying that he would change direction as fast as the video game character Pac-Man. In June 2008, Jones decided that he only wanted to be known as “Adam Jones” or “Mr. Jones,” in an attempt to separate himself from his troubled past. Following Jones’ suspension in October, 2008, then-ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith, in the “Parting Shots” segment of The Sports Reporters, chided Jones for setting a bad example for youth, and made a point of calling him “Pac-Man” several times.

How Name Made His Money – Football

Estimated Net Worth: $7 Million

Birthday: September 30, 1983

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