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Nolan North Net Worth

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Nolan North Net Worth

Nolan North is an American actor with a net worth of $2 million. Nolan North was born in 1970 and comes from  New Haven, Connecticut.  He is known for his acting in video games like Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Series, Ghost in Destiny, Desmond Miles in Assassin’s Creed series, the Penguin in the Batman: Archam Franchise, David in The Last of Us, Cpt. Martin Walker in Spec Ops: The Line, Deadpool; Superboy in Young Justice and Edward Richtofen in the Call of Duty Zombies series. North has over 300 acting credits to his name and starred as Dr. Chris Ramsey in the television series Port Charles in 1997. He has won, the Behind the Voice Actors Awards, 6 times.

Nolan North Net Worth: 2 Million


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