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Michael Caton Net Worth

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Michael Caton Net Worth

Michael Caton is an Australian actor with a net worth of $3 million. Michael Caton was born in 1943, and comes from  Monto, Queensland, Australia .  He was uncle harry in the tv show, The Sullivans.  He was Paddy Malone in the TV show Five Mile Creek.  He is known for his role as Ted Taylor in the series packed to the rafters.  Caton also had recurring roles in the TV Series Homicide, Home and Away, A Country practice, All Saints, Dossa and Joe, and Bad Cop.    Michael Caton also played in movies like The Last of the Knucklemen, Hoodwink, Fluteman, Monkey Grip, The 13th Floor, The Castle, The Interview, The Animal, Strange Bedfellows, and Last Cab to Darwin. Caton won an Australian Film Institute Award for Last Cab to Darwin in 2016.

Michael Caton Net Worth : $3 Million


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