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Mary Badham Net Worth

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Mary Badham Net Worth
Mary Badham is an American actress with a net worth of $1 million. Mary Badham was born in 1952 and comes from Birmingham, Alabama.  She is best known for playing Jean Louise “Scout”Finch  from the movie To Kill A Mockingbird.  She had no acting experience prior to that film.  She was also nominated the Academy Award for best supporting actress for that role.  She was only 10 years old and the youngest to be nominated for that category at the time.  She later went on to play in Movies like  This Property Is Condemned, Let’s Kill Uncle, and Our Very Own. She also appeared in episodes of the TV series Dr. Kildare and The Twilight Zone. Badham now works as an art restorer and college testing coordinator.
Mary Badham Net Worth: $1 Million

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