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Kailyn Lowry Net Worth

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Kailyn Lowry Net Worth

Kailyn Lowry is best known for her role in the second season of “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” reality television series on MTV.

Her mother was not interested in helping with her pregnancy, and she ended up living with her then-boyfriend’s parents until after the birth of her child. She traveled to meet with her father, but found that he was not going to be any help either. She subsequently broke up with her boyfriend, and began working, and studying towards an online degree, while raising her child on her own. She was again filmed for the series, “Teen Mom 2”. She was in a custody battle with her ex-boyfriend and also began dating a co-worker. The relationship began to grow more serious throughout the season.

How Kailyn Lowry Made Her Money – Television Personality

Estimated Net Worth: $32 Thousand

Birthday: March 18, 1992

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