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Farrah Abraham Net Worth

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Farrah Abraham Net Worth

Farrah Abraham Farrah Abraham earned her net worth as a reality television star of the series Teen Mom. This is a reality TV series about teenage pregnancy and motherhood titled Teen Mom. Farrah is from Council Bluffs, Iowa, she has one daughter named Sophia.

Farrah Abraham lost Sophia’s father Derek Underwood on December 28, 2008, before her birth, he was killed in a car accident. Farrah has to prove to Derek’s family through a paternity test that Derek was indeed Sophia’s father. After this was proven Derek’s mom filed a lawsuit for grandparent’s visitation rights. Farrah made the tough decision to leave her two-year old daughter Sophia in Iowa with her parents Debra and Michael and move to Fort Lauderdale, Fl. She is attending college and trying to better herself for both her and her daughter.

How Farrah Abraham Made Her Money – Reality Television

Estimated Net Worth: $950 Thousand

Birthday: May 31, 1991

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