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Bobbi Kristina Brown Net Worth

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Net Worth

Bobbi Kristina Brown is the only child of Whitney Houston, and the fourth child of Bobby Brown. Bobbi Kristina grew up in the shadow of both of her parents’ successful music careers. Her mother was famous for both her powerhouse vocals and her string of successful films. Her mother’s highest grossing films, “The Bodyguard” and “Waiting to Exhale”, were released the year before her birth, and after her birth, respectively.

Bobbi Kristina’s parents were the subject of a docu-drama on Bravo during her elementary school years, and she often followed one or the other of them on tour. After her parents divorced in 2007, she spent the majority of the time in her mother’s home in Atlanta, though Bobbi Kristina was often there alone.

How Bobbi Kristina Brown Made Her Money – Daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown and Reality Television

Estimated Net Worth: $5 Million

Birthday: March 4, 1993

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